About my Family and I

Hello beautiful People!! I am Doris and welcome to DelightWithDoris. I started this blog as a journal for my family moving toward a better lifestyle. Our family goal is be more closer to God, remove all harsh chemical from our life, and have an overall healthy life. we are also do-it-yourself kind of family so we always have projects that we are working on and those projects will be share with y’all but before anything else let me introduce my beautiful family.

We are African American mix with little bit of Jamaican and African Liberian American family. wow, I just get a headache by typing that sentence.  A little bit of clarification, my husband was born in the U.S and I was not.


Meet the man who put up with my craziness, because he is crazy as well.  my husband or what people call him, Marve or MJ(My mom calls him MJ)

Yes! he is hugging a tree


The best father a kid could ever ask for. thank God


Father and daughter date


He is the guy that’s always there when we need him, always fixes everything I broke and if I may say, he is pretty hot

doris pic 097
I don’t know what he is doing but he was in the military

Enough about my husband, lets focus on the kids. We have three beautiful children, two girls and one boy they are a pain that we love very much

2016-03-27 18.11.36 This is Abigail and she’s 8

she wants to be the first female president
she loves to play football
her first day riding her bike to school by herself
she loves animals
doris pic 056
she loves to workout with daddy
and show off her muscles
she loves outdoors and showing off her muscles

meet Madison, she’s two

she cries about everything
Abigail is the most important person to her
she loves to play dress up

meet Sonny, he’s is one and the girls spoiled him

He’s a mommy boy
He loves to eat! especially Liberian food at grandma house
He loves water


my turn, I am the mom that’s always forgetting about her self and always taking pictures of my family

I took this picture in the bathroom hiding from the kids. yeah I am a awesome mom
My sister and I, we do not look alike. I am taller and yes we love wine and running

That’s all the picture I have of myself so I guess I will tell you a little more about myself. I was born in Liberia but move to the State when I was fourteen because of war and thinks to the United Nations and the United States for funding the program that brought my family and I a better future. I am not sure what else but you will get to know my family and I though many post to come.

thank you for stopping by and I hope you receive a blessing and a lesson.

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