Cheap Large Pallet Clock

Hello beautiful people!!! I am Doris and welcome to DelightWithDoris. Anyone that knows me know that I am a cheap person, I am so cheap that I never go shopping without using coupons and everything has to be a “need” and not a “want”. we are at the point that my poor husband explains to me why he spend money and why we need certain items before he buys it. I know, I may be crazy or smart but I am on a very thin line between the two and I don’t think I cross over to the crazy side yet. why? because we take vacation and we don’t “need” to go on vacation, so yeah ,not crazy. yet.

our house need to get decorated and I want a large pallet on wall as a focus point. awhile back I ask a local lady to make me a custom clock and she told me that it would cost me around $250 depending on what I wanted on the clock. what?!  yeah. $250!! that’s five times the cost of my cell phone bill! anyways, since I am not crazy but smart I always try to find ways to have nice things without paying an arm and a leg. Here is how I made my own clock on the cheap.

First thing first is to determining your clock size. I wanted at least 36” for the clock. I gather my wood and I find the place were wanted my center to be and measure 16″ from there. oh yeah, I get my wood for FREE from a military spouse on a swap meet page. Score.IMG_4936

For me to get a perfect circle, I put a nail in the middle of the wood and tied a string around the nail. the  string measure half of my clock size with a little extra, about 2”. my measurement was 18″ and half of my clock measurement was 16” then tide the other end of the string on a pencil and draw a circle. like so in the pictures below

After I get the circle I wanted, I cut the wood where the line were drawn with a jig saw. any other saw can be use but a jig saw work best for me, easy to work with and cheap.

when I was done cutting the wood, I attached them. my original plan was to use wood glue but I was  afraid that the glue would destroy my clock as a way to get revenge on me for all the unclosed bottles of glue that I murder. Cause of death: dehydration. To avoid the headache of pleading for forgiveness and the  use my Young Living essential oil. I use two pieces of wood and nail it to the frame. I still use the Oil. I put some peppermint in water

IMG_4945before I could attach the backing, I realize that I love the way the back look better than the front, so I flip it over and use it as my font. after attaching the wood, I sanded it and give it a good wipe down. before I moved to the next of my project,I took a little break.  while on my break, I decided to reward myself for all the hard work I have been doing. so I ate a whole tub of ice cream. yeah that’s what happen when you eat out of the ice cream tub. so please don’t, get a cup and put the amount of ice cream you plan on eating or you will end up eating the whole thing.

when I was done indulging myself, I put a hole in the back of the clock to fit the motor by using tools that we already had on hand.

I painted the clock with paints I already had on hand from my mason jar bathroom set project. I got the paint from hobby lobby. I have a love and hate relationship with Hobby Lobby. Love that they have everything I need. Hate that they have everything I want

For the face of the clock, I when to Google, search some images and choose the one that I love. for my birthday, my amazing husband got me a pocket projector for all my crazy projects I think he was tired of me complaining about how long it took to trace out image/words. I projected the face of the clock,  trace it out with a pencil then I painted it black. ohhh Madison, she wanted a picture with the clock so she gets a picture with the clock.

After taking Madison picture, I when back in the room to hide from the kids and do the middle of the clock but the kids was not the problem.

Yep, I should have been hiding from this monster that destroy my workplace. apparently my clock was a building falling on him and he had to save himself. he was yelling and everything! After 30 min of pain and suffering I adore from him escaping, he left and I got back to work.

I trace the saying and painted it black then I was done, leave it and attach the hands of the clock but Abigail wanted me to stain the wood because it did not look finish. so I did and I am glade the wood was stained and with the help of my little helperIMG_5010IMG_5038