Pimp This Ride

Before and after 

Hello beautiful people!!! I am Doris and Welcome to DWD. This little project was for my beautiful girls and they LOVED the end result.

Both the girls have birthdays in July. Abigail’s is July 2 and Madison is on July 20. Yep. Throwing parties, making cakes and buying gifts are what July is about in our household but this year Abigail didn’t want gifts. She wants the money that we would spend on gifts and party to invest in her jewelry stamping soon to be business. But we bought her gifts anyways. I really didn’t know what to get her, her dad had alread purchase his gift for her. He was willing to share but I would not not give her what he brought. I sew razor scooter for $75 on military swap page and told Marve to pick it up with his truck.

The scooter works but it had lots of  scratch marks and it looked real old. It doesn’t mean because something is old that they have to look old so I decided to pimp it up by painting it and since I was already going to be painting, I decided to paint Madison car that one of our church family give her for free

The first thing I did was to sand down both with 100 grit sandpaper then i prime them with white primer. I did two coat of paint

IMG_0586After letting both dries, sanded them down. I always sand in between paints coat.

This are the paints I used for this project. I know all the spray paint has primer in them but I always use white primer with all my projects. It makes the colors show better and it also sticks better to the material. I first spray both with two coat of pink. After they dry, I use masking tape and sheet to cover what I wanted to stay pink and I repeat with the rest of the colors. When I was done and I like the way everything was painted, I spray both with two coat of clear protective sealer. Here’s the finished look


Guess what she get from her daddy.

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