Cheap Farmhouse Table

Hello beautiful People!! I am Doris and Welcome to DelightWithDoris. If you read my Cheap Large Pallet Clock you will come to find out that I am a cheap person and that I am always trying to find ways to save my family money.

We disparately needed dinner room table. we bought the table we had for $30 and it came with 6 chairs, I don’t remember why I bought something that was not real wood, I always buy  cheap furniture that are real wood because I always planed on redoing them into my liking. but I probably get it  because it was cheap or maybe because the chairs was all wood and could be redo into what I like. fast forward four years later and we still had the same ugly table because every time I go table shopping or discuses on buying table I always tell my husband no: they are too expenses, or I am not paying that much for something we just eat on, or it better do my dishes!! That would be nice, a table that does your dishes. All the 40 cups and 500 plates the kids use for things that may or may not have anything to do with food. Anyways, back to the table and away from the kids. So table, yes! Apart from it being ugly, it was coming apart and small for our growing family.

My husband is amazing human being , I know God create him knowing the kind of person I am. He puts up with my craziness. One day he came home with wood on the back of his truck and told me that he was going to build me a farmhouse table. Y’all wants to know what else he did? You expecting this next sentence to be the answer huh. I know you did. He bought reduced wood!! Wwwhhhhaaaatttt! He said ” yeah, I bought reduces wood on sale so we save” I love a man that knows how to save.

Since I didn’t builded the table, I am going to try my best to explain what he did. The first thing he did was ask me what measurement I wanted the table and I just told him I wanted it to fit eight chairs so I don’t have how big it is but it does fit eight chairs.

As you can see from the picture above, he connects six pieces of wood with a backing(which is two to three pieces of wood) then he use some wood glue. The white looking thing on the wood is wood filler which is use to fill in the wood. I wonder where I get that from?

After the filler drys, I sanded the table top down. Marve refuse to sand, stain or paint anything he built! I am his hot sanding, staining and painting girl🙌🏾❤️ I love to paint so I have no problem with the setup.

So after the I did all the hard work, my husband  came and swap to assembled the table.

Look at him pretending to work.  Anyways, he did a good pretends job. Here’s the finished product

Yep, they are on the table

My sister fake eating

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